Public transportation to the Bergschlößl

Public transportation to the Bergschlößl or on foot.

on foot / public transport to the Bergschlößl:

Bergschlößl, Bergschlößlgasse 1, 4020 Linz, Austria

Arrival by public transport or on foot.

on foot/public transport to the Bergschlößl:

The Bergschlößl on the Froschberg, Bergschlößlgasse 1, 4020 Linz, can be reached by public transport. The nearest bus station (Waldeggstraße) is about 150 m away. The main train station is about 350 metres away.

Bus line from the main train station to the Waldeggstraße station:

  • Line 19



Bergschlößl Anfahrtsplan | JPG | 14.25 kB



The Linz Airport is located in Hörsching, 14 kilometres from the centre. Airport shuttle Nr. 601 connects the downtown Linz with the airport. Travel time: 19 minutes.

Since the airport shuttle doesn’t operate on Sundays, there is the option of taking a shuttle to the Hörsching Train Station. Travel time on train to Linz: 11 minutes.



The OEBB are intending to improve the accessibility of the Vienna-Schwechat Airport for travellers. Therefore, the OEBB are going to establish a new track (2.1 kilometres) within the next two and a half years. This route will then connect the Ostbahn with the airport express train S7. This way the Vienna Westbahnhof will be directly connected with the airport. Through this extension and the simultaneous expansion of the Westbahn route, the travel time from the Vienna Airport to the main train station in Linz will be reduced from the current two and a half hours to 75 minutes.