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The Bergschlößl lies amidst a botanical park like on a tranquil island, away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city of Linz.

This magnificent baroque building was constructed in 1718 and stands out with its architecture and vivid history. Having been revitalized, it now shines in new splendour.
It was possible to combine the original character of the „Bergschlößl bey Linz“  with modern construction methods in order to create an event location of incomparable ambience.

Building data

• construction years: from 1717 to 1718
• architect and master builder: Johann Michael Prunner
• builder: Johann Jakob Mäderer von Ehrenreichscron
• renovation: from 1992 to 1998
• architect: DI Peter Riepl, Linz
• builder: City of Linz
• re-opening: March 1999


The Park

The Bergschlößl Park was established in the 18th century for the purpose of a botanical training course at the Nordic Monastery, today’s Aloisianum, guided by Ignaz Schiffermüller.

It is among the first Upper Austrian „botanical-economical“ parks and was built according to ecological viewpoints that are still ambitiously pursued by the Linz City Gardens Association.