Contemporary architecture and perfect acoustics.

The Froschberg hall is the Bergschlößl’s modern pendant, while fitting into its historic ambience seamlessly.

The roof expansion was intended to resemble a ship’s hull. The Froschberg’s linear architecture combines the turn of the millennium construction methods with the playful baroque, offering room for up to 15 people in seminars, lectures and presentations.

The brilliant acoustics inside the Froschberg hall are remarkable and therefore especially valued by speakers and artists.

An elevator provides comfortable access. The room is equipped with a permanently installed sound system, high voltage, 80 communication sockets and an air conditioning unit.

Details & equipment:

  • room size: 145 m2
  • parquet flooring
  • three dimmable separate light circuits
  • five separate electric circuits 230V/16A
  • serial ports (broadband internet, telephone, fax)
  • WLAN
  • cable TV
  • high voltage 16A & 32A
  • air conditioning
  • blackout blinds